Dreams 22 The happiest place on Earth?

Everyone has a different perspective.

Perhaps your dream is wilderness, luxury, building a killer app, hiking the mountains, be a dancer, a president, a writer. All of these things rolled up into one?

Personally, the Kalahari Desert - of which so far I've only seen documentaries - is high on my list.

I was surfing the internet when I discovered Page-1-ranked dream headlines that got me thinking.

Dreams 31 Those Page 1 headline touched me, so I wanted to share them with you. The upside of living the life of our dreams is obvious. It gives us the freedom the do what we want, where, when and how we want. That's my reality now. But it has definitely not always been that way. (More about me later). Sadly though, a lot of people just won't make it. They never ever will. Barring a miracle, not in a million years. Not what you wish on anyone. Their mindset is wrong. Their focus misguided. Their courage flawed. They make foolish choices as if  in a 12-step program to losing - if such a program existed. A potpourri of life decisions that pretty much guarantee they'll never achieve the level of freedom that would allow them to live their dream. You reading this webpage, can only mean one thing … That you're probably not one of the many that are doomed to never quite make it. You know your question. You are after answers. You're seeking a solution that you've not yet found. Cool. I think you're in the right place. Smart move for getting this far. Now let me tell you about a story of two dreamers … But first a question. How come different people can have the same opportunities, intelligence, ability and time ... … yet one remains a victim of life - fearful, confused, going for the shiny object time and again, even though it never seems to change their situation. … while the other one ends up quitting their job and living their dream lifestyle? Would you like to hear the story of the two people? Then click here to continue…