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How to thrive in this complicated world caught between sanity and madness? How to get worthwhile things done? How to not get distracted?

How to be ready for a world where tomorrow, everything can radically change for the better?


What MaximYou is about.

Helping you to get from A to B – from attempting everything to doing what you can do, now, and do it successfully.

With MaximYou’s unique Simple Method, it takes an hour. 

One hour to wake up earlier, walk faster, look younger and get things done that in the past seemed impossible.

Think about that.  

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A work in progress. 

About MaximYou

Meet the man behind MaximYou, Beat Schindler.

He’s a maximization strategist, writer, home-based business and coach. Loves in Switzerland. Took the last couple of years to create Last Train To Simple (the book), the Simple Method, and the Simple Alphabet.

In this way he is helping people to stop guessing, the ultimate productivity booster. We spend a lot of time doing busy work, ticking off as many boxes as possible. Beat’s goal is to help you check off the right boxes, and to move confidently in the direction of your dreams. 

Beat doesn’t just do Maximization. It is his passion. “Maximization is a fascinating field for years to come,” he says, “making the world a better place.”