We spend a lot of time doing busy work, ticking off as many boxes as possible. This leaves only little energy and time for the things you truly care about.

I will help you tick off the right boxes.

You’ll wake up earlier, walk faster and look younger. You’ll get things done that in the past seemed impossible. 

If you want life on your terms, this is your blueprint.

Last Train to Simple


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Receive your copy of the new book – FREE. This is a PRE-LAUNCH OFFER ONLY – available for a short time only.

This offer ends when Last Train to Simple is available for purchase at Amazon/Kindle (working on it).


More simple, less complicated. Without it, you’re at risk of spreading your knowledge so thin that you make no impact at all.

Traditional career doors are slamming shut. High in demand is not knowledge, but mastery.

With so many books, ideas, methods and techniques around, each claiming to be the panacea that will help you to become happier and more fun to be with, you might be tempted to let this one pass you by.

But wait!…

Last Train to Simple: The Crazy Method to Love Life is a very different approach to creativity and getting things done.

An inspirational train ride like no other you have experienced. A short and easy-to-read book that will change you in ways you never expected. - Ross Burg

The simplest and most powerful self-help book I’ve ever come across! ROCKS my life A to Z. I absolutely, unreservedly, recommend it to anyone.” – Machelle Scott

It helps with all areas of life! I’ll probably steal some of the ideas from you.” – Corinne Edwards

I have known Beat and his work for a while now. He is a class act. You are safe with his advice.” – Bruce Blair

Beat, your writing always reminds me of a Picasso painting. It makes me stop, turn my head, and then go, yes, I get it.” – Nicole Rushin

Get ready to kiss inertia goodbye! A must read!” – Donna Vessey

Wonderful! Never uses the word integrity, but his message is that exactly. Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation. Five glorious stars!” – Damiano de Sano Iocovozzi

Packed with a tremendous amount of information. Easy to read. Gets you moving rather than thinking about moving. A refreshing change from so many of the self help books available today. Very creative and nicely done!” – Carl Bozeman

Serves as an example of what’s possible when you put your all into something and make it remarkable. Above average. Glaringly insightful. Beat has something important to show you that will help you on your less-than-straight path to success!” – Jack Humphrey

Don’t let yourself get derailed by thinking this is too good to be true.

Order your copy of Last Train to Simple now – while it’s  free.

PS. You can read this short, powerful book in half an hour.

See you the other side.

Beat Schindler — chief-honcho at MaximYou, and your conductor on Last Train to Simple.


About MaximYou

About MaximYou

Meet Beat Schindler, chief-honcho at MaximYou.

Beat is maxification strategist, writer, home-based business, coach, consultant, son, father, and grandfather.

He is also the creator of Last Train To Simple (the book), the Simple Method, and the Simple Alphabet – each designed to help people stop guessing.

We spend a lot of time doing busy work, ticking off as many boxes as possible. MaximYou is all about checking off the right boxes. 

“Because what you focus on expands,” Beat says.

He currently loves in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.