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Getting things done. Transfer to reason what you do with the heart. Pursue your dream, never give in. End wars without starting one. Achieve peace.

The powerful formula you’ll discover inside is the same in the hands of the honest and the thief. If you’re not using it to advantage, it’s being used to fool you as we speak. The best protection is understanding how it works.

Like it or not, you are a responder.

Responding is the most common activity of all bar none, a fact of life, 7/24/365.

There’s nothing new about it. Our ancestors did it. Like them, you have been responding to your most pressing wishes all your life since day one, extremely successfully. If not, you wouldn’t be here.

We’re not talking mind games. It’s not just in your head. Your skin, heart, eyes, veins, liver, bones, ears, tongue, lungs, nose, heart,  nails, and toes, are in constant response mode, too. Even when you’re asleep. It is what keeps us alive.

Although a fact of life, responding is not easy to do. Most people struggle with it. They spend time doing busy work, ticking off as many boxes as possible, leaving only precious little time for the important things in life. I will teach you how to tick off the right boxes instead.

Conventional strategies for responding often leave people with their talent stretched too thin to make any impact, wrecked, or alienated, often all three.

The Simple Method I developed sticks to the things we know to be facts.  It’s straightforward, employs no tricks. A powerful easily remembered formula that will guide you confidently no matter what.

It challenges conventional wisdom with which you may have become quietly comfortable.

I don’t suggest you change what you do, but if it’s in your plans, the Simple Method can help.

In everybody’s life there comes a time when you decide not based on what you know, but on what you remember.

“Do not the most moving moments of our 
lives find us without words?” 
– Marcel Marceau

It is non-conformist, rarely talked about, not taught at school, and involves risk. Because nothing decent has ever been achieved without risk.

Risk is primarily connected with losing, but that’s not what risk is about. Risk is about winning, just without the guarantees.

It begs the question: What does winning mean? How do you know you are (winning)? When have you won? What makes you think you are not? Who decides?

When you embrace risk, you are free.

What you focus on expands.

That is why I ask you a reasonable if mildly intrusive question, which you might want to answer with more detail than usual on this most auspicious of days.

Are you up for this?

Beat “maxifier” Schindler 


About MaximYou

About MaximYou

Meet Beat Schindler, chief-honcho at MaximYou.

Beat is maxification strategist, writer, home-based business, coach, consultant, son, father, and grandfather.

He is also the creator of Last Train To Simple (the book), the Simple Method, and the Simple Alphabet – each designed to help people stop guessing.

We spend a lot of time doing busy work, ticking off as many boxes as possible. MaximYou is all about checking off the right boxes. 

“Because what you focus on expands,” Beat says.

He currently loves in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.