Discover how simplification of what you begin leads to maxification of what you get done.

  • Move toward greater love, freedom, and response-ability without getting tangled up in the cursed, complex, excuses-loaded hows.

  • Experience growth of the natural type, the life of your dreams, when what's preventing it is eliminated.

  • Change, of course, but change with a difference: Only and exactly in the way you seek to be changed.

  • OPEN DOORS, TURN ON LIGHTS, CONNECT WITH THE WORLD WITHOUT AND WITHIN, MAKE A DENT. Give this short book your full attention. For testimonials, see below.

  • Nena Dailey
    “WOW!… inspiring, eye-opening, provocative, life-changing, charming, timeless. Couldn’t pull myself from it. The simplest and most powerful self-help book I've ever come across, the impact instant. This, I cannot emphasize enough.
    Nena Dailey
  • Ronny Rüefli
    Simple ideas simply explained - the best! Get on board! Enjoy the enlightening power of words. But never forget to read it yourself.
    Ronny Rüefli
  • Renée Burtt
    Simply put and so worthwhile, perfect reading to inspire you to take responsibility and move forward. Last Train To Simple lives up to its name... Thank you, thank you!
    Renée Burtt
  • Jane Foley
    A little gem of a book! Nuggets of wisdom that I have always known, but paid little heed to. Had I known, had I employed Love, Freedom, and Response-Ability in my thought process back then, perhaps I would not have so many regrets now.
    Jane Foley
  • Philip Flynn
    A simple yet profound train-of-thought. You will want to re-read it again - it is that good. Everyone can adapt to their own unique personal journey. Clarifies the decisions you need to take to get you to where you wish to be. Want to know how? Buy yourself a ticket on the Last Train to Simple.
    Philip Flynn
  • Nancy Shields
    Great tidbit of wisdom and all about RESPONSE-ABILITY. Beat has a way to capture you and teach beautiful lessons! Truly a book to keep on your book shelves. Thank you Beat for writing this very wise book!
    Nancy Shields
  • Candace Current
    I am not a fan of self help books, but this one is different... I felt as if a breath of fresh air rushed into the room as I finished.
    Candace Current
  • Daphne Cherry
    We all respond... Helps to see what's important and what's not. You decide. He provides several life hacks, the one I like best is the Study:Action hack.
    Daphne Cherry

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